By leveraging our team’s vast industry knowledge and keen dedication to clients’ needs and goals, we provide the following specialized services:

Consulting: Profor works as a fee-based consultant to ensure sales and marketing efforts of existing and start-up asset managers are best in class. We provide expert guidance on topics ranging from the creation and branding of a company message to client service. Our aim is to help grow clients’ assets under management by providing comprehensive advice.

Placement: Profor works closely with investment managers throughout their fundraising efforts, targeting capital raising engagements tailored to specific investor names, geographic and/or market segments. Extensive due diligence on the management team, investment process, risk management and operations of all prospective investment managers precedes any of our capital raising programs. Our primary objective remains to develop longstanding relationships with fund partners and investors by offering only the highest quality products.

Please contact us for more information regarding our consulting services, products and distribution programs.


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